Road to Rio

2012 Adventure Treasure Hunt


Get ready for the biggest sporting event of the decade! Enter into the spirit of the competition and earn as many gold medals as possible whilst taking in the sights of your favourite city!

The whole team will need to develop a sporting strategy to be in with a chance as there are plenty of events to compete in: meet the champions of the games, attempt the Road to Rio challenges, hunt for sporting memorabilia, unscramble the sports personalities, capture your record breaking antics on camera and much much more!


Inside Info

“Road to Rio is certainly topical, and helps to get teams into the sporting mood while still catering for all abilities. The challenges are fun but taxing, and the photos that teams take make great souvenirs of the day!”

Fiona Anderson, Event Manager 



Format: Team Based Treasure Hunt

Theme: City based, sporting theme

Style: Fun, Team Based, Interactive

Best For: Entertainment, Team Building

Guests: 8-300+

Timings: 2-3 hours

Difficulty: 3/5

Budget Indicator: £££££






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