Spy Hunt

Spy Hunt Treasure Hunt


Welcome agents...


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to enter the world of mystery and espionage, subterfuge and secrecy.


Some of our most fiercely kept secrets have fallen into enemy hands, and we need YOU to retrieve them before all is lost. Teams must use every ounce of their ingenuity to solve a series of fiendish puzzles, crack enemy agent’s codes, meet deep-cover operatives for information exchanges and save the day for Queen and country!


Inside Info

“This treasure hunt combines a great theme with tightly written objectives to create a real challenge for any would be secret agent!”

Katie Adrain, Event Manager 



Format: Team Based Treasure Hunt

Theme: City or venue based, spy theme

Style: Fun, Team Based, Interactive

Best For: Entertainment, Team Building

Guests: 8-300+

Timings: 2-3 hours

Difficulty: 3/5

Budget Indicator: £££££






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