The Rough Guide

The Rough Guide


The Rough Guide is your opportunity to create a video travelogue of your chosen location. What are the highlights? Where’s best avoided? What are the best kept secrets?


Whether you're visiting a new town for a conference, receiving visitors or simply want to take a deeper look into your local surroundings, The Rough Guide provides a fantastic and often hilarious team building experience and the resulting videos make great souvenirs of the day.




Inside Info

“This is a great event, and whether you’re in Barcelona or Bognor, there’s always some great movies and hilarious moments!”

Zoe Taylor, Event Manager 



Format: Team Based Treasure Hunt

Theme: City based, travelougue theme

Style: Fun, Team Based, Interactive

Best For: Entertainment, Team Building

Guests: 8-300+

Timings: 2-3 hours

Difficulty: 3/5

Budget Indicator: £££££






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