Top Treasure Hunts


Not sure what you're after in your Treasure Hunt Event? Whether you're based in a village, town or city, whether it's home to you or somewhere completely new, we have something to fit your needs. Here are our most popular Treasure Hunts, each of them tried and tested favourites!


iSpy Treasure Hunt


Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime using integrated GPS satellite maps, latest generation iPads, flip camcorders and digital cameras - this is your 21st century hunt! Read more...
GoSocial Treasure Hunt Event


#GoSocial takes your group's love of social media to the next level, as they race against time and each other to complete challenges and earn points in this non-stop adventure. Read more...
The Apprentices

The Apprentices

Can you talk the talk? Give 110%? Are you a one trick pony or a thoroughbred stallion? Turn your business acumen up to eleven in this high impact, high octane, high jinx event! Read more...

CSI City


CSI puts guests in the role of Crime Scene Investigators in the field; a killer is on the loose and it is up to them to collect the forensic evidence required to bring them to justice! Read more...

Team Adventure

Team Adventure

A classic blend of local knowledge clues and creative challenges are designed to get that thinking out of that box and off that wall...the keyword here is fun! Read more...

 Sherlock Adventure


Sherlock Adventure

The game's afoot! Professor Moriarty has sealed the plans for his latest dastardly deed inside a series of Cryptexs, and Sherlock Holmes needs your assistance in cracking the code! Read more...


Alternatively, take a look at Treasure Hunts by Location or view our full list of events!



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