Treasure Hunt - North East

treasure hunt north east


A notoriously friendly region, the UK’s North East is the ideal location for a treasure hunt adventure. Known for its history and the richness of its natural beauty, the region encompasses four major counties and three of the UK’s most influential cities; Newcastle upon Tyne, Sunderland and Durham. As well as these cities, there is an abundance of towns and villages perfect for hosting an exciting treasure hunt in the North East.


A place of great historic importance, the area is full of castles, fortified towers and was once the northern frontier of the Roman Empire and the heartland of the powerful Kingdom of Northumbria. 


A rich industrial heritage followed and largely remains here today. Sunderland was once the largest shipbuilding town in the world, Middlesbrough is renowned for its Iron and Steel, whilst Northumberland, Newcastle and Durham are all famous for coal mining. 


We wholeheartedly love the North East and all it has to offer a treasure hunt! As well as the major cities, towns such as Gateshead, Darlington and Hartlepool all lend themselves well for a top treasure hunt adventure in the North East.


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Perfect for this location:


Team Adventure

Team Adventure

A classic blend of local knowledge clues and creative challenges are designed to get that thinking out of that box and off that wall...the keyword here is fun!

Hostage Rescue


Hostage Rescue

With a puff of smoke and a bang masked figures spring into action out of nowhere! Which team will triumph in this race against time, recovering the VIP before afternoon tea?


 CSI City


CSI puts guests in the role of Crime Scene Investigators in the field; a killer is on the loose and it is up to them to collect the forensic evidence required to bring them to justice!

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