Treasure Hunt - North West


treasure hunt north westThe North West is an ideal part of the country to hold your next treasure hunt. Including five counties and bordering Scotland and Wales it’s a prime location to solve clues and crack codes! Manchester, Liverpool and Chester are all within the region and offer a completely unique experience for a terrific and entertaining treasure hunt. A diverse range of people and a mixture of cultures have all evolved into a special heritage making the whole of the North West a truly fascinating location not to be missed.


Tread in the footsteps of ancient soldiers, pass fine Victorian buildings as you take photos and collect items on your treasure hunt in the North West. Cosmopolitan cities such as Manchester and Liverpool sit next to seaside resorts such as Blackpool and Morecambe all offering interest and intrigue to your treasure hunt location. Unique architecture, ancient ruins and iconic landmarks are rife in this region making for a truly memorable treasure hunt experience.


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Perfect for this location:


Sherlock Adventure

Sherlock Adventure

The game's afoot! Professor Moriarty has sealed the plans for his latest dastardly deed inside a series of Cryptexs, and Sherlock Holmes needs your assistance in cracking the code!

CSI City



CSI puts guests in the role of Crime Scene Investigators in the field; a killer is on the loose and it is up to them to collect the forensic evidence required to bring them to justice!

Team Adventure

Team Adventure

A classic blend of local knowledge clues and creative challenges are designed to get that thinking out of that box and off that wall...the keyword here is fun!

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