Treasure Hunts With Transport


Almost all of our treasure hunts can be enjoyed equally well (or better!) if you combine them with a mode of transport. Give us a call for full details, but here's a selection of our favourites to whet your appetite! 


Treasure Hunt With Taxi



A big favourite! Why not have a cab for each team with a dedicated driver ferrying them from location to location?

Treasure Hunt With Limousine



Travel in style and comfort in an elegant limousine. The only problem here is teams may not want to leave again!

Treasure Hunt With Bus



Ding ding! Have your teams get on board and explore the event from the top row of your very own double decker! 

Treasure Hunt With Bicycle



Healthy AND carbon neutral, kit your teams out with bikes to make them a treasure hunting force to be reckoned with!

Treasure Hunt With Tandem Bicycle



Easy to pick up but difficult to master, tandem bicycles create strong bonds within teams with guests quite literally working together from the start!

Treasure Hunt With Rickshaw



Experience a taste of history in a modern setting! Our modern rickshaws will get your teams where they need to go in no time!

Treasure Hunt With Rib Boat

Rib Boat


These super-fast speed boats change the dynamic of the treasure hunt in a flash. Solving clues while powering along takes a certain kind of fortitude!

Treasure Hunt With Boat



Whether it's a rowing boat, punt boat or something different entirely, combine the relaxation of the river with the thrill of the hunt!

Treasure Hunt With Helicopter



Appreciate your location from a completely different perspective by giving your teams their own helicopters! Some restrictions do of course apply, but extreme treasure hunters will tell you that you haven't experienced it all until you've done it from the air!

Treasure Hunt With Segway



Transportation revoloution or flash in the pan gimmick? Mount your teams on Segways and let them find out for themselves!

Treasure Hunt With Train



Ah, train travel. Is there anything quite like it? Depending on your location we could have you on modern high-speed trains or traditional steam engines. Just don't lose your ticket!

Treasure Hunt With Tube



Transport for London did a cracking job at the Olympics, but are they ready for you? Use the tube network to explore the whole breadth and depth of London.

Treasure Hunt With Car



For testing teams' independence. With the freedom of a car the scope for the treasure hunt widens immeasureably. Just watch out for rush hour!


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