Treasure Hunts in Bristol

The largest city in the South West, Bristol is a thriving county in its own right with a rich maritime past. This unique city provides a perfect setting for an entertaining treasure hunt with both the river Avon and the Frome adding to the attraction. It’s beautiful architecture, stunning scenery and numerous places of interest make Bristol an ideal location for any one of our varied treasure hunts.

A modern city, Bristol has a traditional history yet manages to retain the character and charm from its maritime heritage. Historic houses, ample churches, a port and a zoo are just a few of the many areas we can incorporate into your next treasure hunt in Bristol.

The city has also produced a wealth of creative celebrities over the years; from the artists Banksy and Damien Hirst, to the creators of Wallace and Gromit and none other than the magnificent author J K Rowling. There must be something in the air!


Perfect Treasure Hunts in Bristol