Treasure Hunts in the UK

Looking for a location to hold your next treasure hunt? We've run treasure hunts in almost every corner of the United Kingdom. The following are just a selection of places where we have worked and ideas for suitable treasure hunt events.



A great destination for an exciting treasure hunt, Bedfordshire is situated just a short drive north of London and offers an array of interesting towns to host a treasure hunt in. The smallest of the ‘Shires’, Bedfordshire sits in the South-Eastern part of central England and is noted for its peaceful waterways and pleasant countryside.


The Royal County of Berkshire as it is often referred to, has a rich and colourful heritage. It benefits from bordering the north to south and east to west routes of southern England ensuring a great central location for a treasure hunt adventure.


Described as 'one of the most attractive and fascinating parts of the country', Buckinghamshire is abundant with quaint little villages, unique market towns and glorious countryside. Perfect for an exciting treasure hunt, the county is located in the South East of England and is easily accessible from London.


In the East of England lies the scenic and serene county of Cambridgeshire, an ideal area for a treasure hunt adventure. Bordering no less than seven counties, Cambridgeshire is in a great central location and offers great transport links in and out.


Teeming with tradition and taking prize position in the North West of England, Cheshire is home to many towns and villages that create the perfect environment for a fun filled treasure hunt.


A treasure hunt in Cornwall is guaranteed to please! Situated in the far West of Great Britain, Cornwall has over 300 miles of coastline, is full of spectacular beaches, and boasts many fine towns and picturesque villages to enjoy.


In the South West of England lies the popular destination of Devon. With a UNESCO World Heritage Site and numerous Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty there isn’t a more suitable place to hold a treasure hunt.


With one of England’s sunniest climates and well known towns such as Bournemouth, Dorchester, Poole and Weymouth, there isn’t a greater place to solve clues and complete challenges than Thomas Hardy County itself – Dorset.


Little England as Essex is commonly referred to is an excellent location for a memorable treasure hunt. Between London and the sea this ancient Saxon county is steeped with history, rural countryside and boasts the longest coastline in England.

Greater London

Spanning the City and London’s other 32 boroughs, Greater London is by far our most popular treasure hunt location. Amass with history and celebrated landmarks it encompasses many areas, towns and villages and has a history dating back over 2,000 years.

Greater Manchester

Overflowing with possible treasure hunt locations, Greater Manchester is situated in the North West of England and is made up of no less than two cities and ten metropolitan boroughs. Founded by the Romans and renamed by the Normans, the county has a unique history with each borough having their own identity.


Just an hour from London, Hampshire is an ideal part of the country to hold your next treasure hunt adventure. Home to the Royal Navy and British Army, the county has bundles of military heritage and is also home to the writers Jane Austen and Charles Dickens.


Lying between four counties and only 12 miles from London, Hertfordshire is in a great position for a fun and interactive treasure hunt. Including towns such as Knebworth, Hitchen, St Albans, Tring and Potters bar, this small area in the Home Counties is full of history, archives and tales of old England; making for a positively enthralling treasure hunt in the South East.


England’s oldest County, Kent is often referred to as the ‘Garden of England’. Bordering East Sussex, Surrey and Greater London this Home County is a great place to hold a treasure hunt adventure.


Situated in the North West corner of England is the picturesque county, Lancashire. This small region, full of character and charm, has been the stage for many of our treasure hunts over the years. It also benefits from being close to Manchester and Liverpool; making it a great alternative destination to the big cities for an exciting hunt.


Lying in the heart of England, Leicestershire offers an abundance of areas capable of hosting a fantastic treasure hunt. Acclaimed for its pork pies, stilton cheese and roman remains, the county is also associated with manufacturing and has a rich industrial heritage.


A vibrant county situated in the North West of England, Merseyside is a great location for a team treasure hunt. Offering an intriguing heritage and a rich maritime legacy, Merseyside is ready and waiting to be discovered during a top treasure hunt adventure!


Located in the heart of England, the Midlands is an excellent place to hold a fantastic treasure hunt. Split into East and West, the choice of areas to base your next exciting hunt is endless.


A county of contrasts, Nottinghamshire is the perfect destination for any one of our fantastic treasure hunts. Famously known for the legends of Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest, the county also has a strong literary connection being the birthplace of the celebrated author D.H Lawrence and romantic poet Lord Byron.


Enjoy a treasure hunt in Norfolk, the largest county in East Anglia. A largely rural area, Norfolk is full of rolling countryside, unspoilt coastline, pretty villages and traditional market towns.

North East

A notoriously friendly region, the UK’s North East is the ideal location for a treasure hunt adventure. Known for its history and the richness of its natural beauty, the region encompasses four major counties and three of the UK’s most influential cities; Newcastle upon Tyne, Sunderland and Durham.

North West

The North West is an ideal part of the country to hold your next treasure hunt. Including five counties and bordering Scotland and Wales it’s a prime location to solve clues and crack codes! Manchester, Liverpool and Chester are all within the region and offer a completely unique experience for a terrific and entertaining treasure hunt.

Northern Ireland

There's plenty worth seeing in Northern Ireland and one way to do it is with a fantastic fun filled treasure hunt. The top of the Emerald Isle contains one of the most popular cities in Europe, Belfast, and six other counties within it to discover.


The delightful county of Oxfordshire lends itself well for an exciting treasure hunt. Perfectly positioned in the heart of England's countryside, the county is renowned for its history and heritage and can proudly boast that over seventy percent is designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


Scotland...a land filled with tartan, bagpipes, haggis, whiskey and kilts! A fantastic destination for a treasure hunt adventure, the country is full of prosperous, cosmopolitan cities and also offers a tranquil and breathtaking landscape including over 11,000km of coastline, hundreds of unique islands, majestic mountains and beautiful lochs.


A quintessentially English county, Suffolk is situated in East Anglia with Essex, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire as its neighbours. Perfect for an exciting treasure hunt, the county has a rich heritage including the wool trade which during medieval times made Suffolk the richest part of England.


Just a stone’s throw away from London and bordering no more than six counties, Surrey is an exciting location for your next treasure hunt in the South East. Easy to get to from all over the UK and with a rich and royal heritage, this home county is also famous for inspiring writers, painters and musicians.


A historic county in the South East of England, Sussex is home to The Treasure Hunt Company! Easily accessible from London, the county is steeped in history however also benefits from hip cities and towns offering culture, sophisticated shopping and buzzing restaurants.


Only two hours from London by train, Wales is an excellent location for a treasure hunt adventure. A beautiful mountainous country, it has a rich and varied history offering plenty of destinations for a top treasure hunt.


Epitomising ‘Olde England’, Warwickshire is a charming county firmly put on the map by one man; the most famous of English writers, William Shakespeare. Affectionately known as Shakespeare's country, Warwickshire is situated in the West Midlands region of England and is a popular choice for a treasure hunt adventure.

West Midlands

An ideal and easily accessible location for a top treasure hunt, the West Midlands is situated in the heart of England and encompasses cities such as Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Coventry.


A beautiful and unspoilt county, Wiltshire lies in the South West of England bordered by six counties and acts as a gateway to the West Country. A great place for a top treasure hunt, this landlocked gem is synonymous with mystery and legend being home to two of the most famous Neolithic sites in the UK; Stonehenge and Avebury.


The largest county in Great Britain, Yorkshire is warm, welcoming, and a brilliant destination for a treasure hunt! Including cities such as York, Leeds, Hull, Sheffield and Harrogate this region is bursting with history and tradition.

Treasure Hunt Event Ideas