Team Building Treasure Hunts - Spot the City #1

Here at the Treasure Hunt Company we spend our days racing around the largest (and smallest) towns and cities around the UK and Europe running our award-winning treasure hunt events. Fellow treasure hunt and travel enthusiasts - take a look at our travel snaps and see if you can guess which city we've been Roman around this week? (click 'continue reading' to reveal the answer!)

Spot The City #1

That's right we were in the squeaky clean city of Bath! Famous for its fascinating history, beautiful Georgian architecture and Roman remains, Bath is most definitely deserving of its UNESCO World Heritage Site designation, and one of our very favourite places to run our team building treasure hunts!

Bath really is the perfect backdrop for any event and we would highly recommend the award-winning iSpy Bath and Bath Apprentices to really take advantage of this marvellous location. But why not take a look at our website to find out about a treasure hunt in Bath or talk to one of our lovely sales team on 0845 006 06 06 for some inspiration!