C.S.I. Treasure Hunt

A 999 call is received. A body is found. The killer is still on the loose... Can your team stop them before they strike again? CSI:City - themed treasure hunt event

Just another day in the life of a crime scene investigator in our totally arresting C.S.I. Treasure Hunt!

Teams are split into Crime Scene Investigator units, armed with the tools of the trade and assigned to the case. Can they piece the story together in time to bring the killer to justice? Will they be able to separate the facts from the fiction? With an array of gadgets including iPads, forensic microscopes and photo-fit technology, teams must race around locations to solve cryptic puzzles, meet eye witnesses and gather evidence in an attempt to narrow down the search to solve the case. After all, the evidence never lies.

If you think your team's investigative skills are enough to make the likes of Grissom proud, speak to our sales team about CSI in your city - 0845 006 06 06 or visit our website for many more treasure hunt ideas.