Bristol Treasure Hunts - Spot the City #12

This week at The Treasure Hunt Company we packed our bags and headed off to another great treasure hunt location somewhere in the UK and we asked you to guess which city it was by looking at our picture clues - so did you guess? It was the city of Bristol of course!

Treasure Hunts in Bristol, South West UK

The largest city in the South West, Bristol is a thriving county in its own right with a rich maritime past. This unique city provides a perfect setting for an entertaining treasure hunt with both the river Avon and the Frome adding to the attraction. A modern city, Bristol has a traditional history yet manages to retain the character and charm from its maritime heritage. Historic houses, ample churches, a port and a zoo are just a few of the many areas we can incorporate into your next treasure hunt in Bristol.

Bristol Cathedral, Treasure Hunts Locations in South West UK

So If you think your team building treasure hunt would be perfect set in Bristol, speak to one of our friendly sales team on 0845 006 06 06 now to start planning your South West UK adventure. Also need accommodation? No problem! We offer a free venue-finding service so you needn't worry about anything other than enjoying your corporate away day (and maybe winning the prize!). Our website is full of exciting treasure hunt themes and ideas so why not have a look around and start creating your bespoke treasure hunt event today!