London Treasure Hunting at its Most 'Stylish'

Let's face it - rainy Monday mornings are more often than not a thing of despair; answering emails, sitting in meetings and reminiscing about a weekend that ended too soon. That is, of course, unless you've booked one of our fantastic Team Adventures to start your week with a fresh and fun energiser! Pearly Queen at Soho Square

This was definitely true of our brilliant clients who had a whirlwind tour of the trendiest London hotspots in a bespoke, fashion-themed treasure hunt.

The teams were sent out into the heart of our capital armed with all the tools they needed to hunt for clues, snap fashionista photos and search for our 'stylish' characters - taking them on a trip down memory lane of some of the best (and, of course, worst) fashion eras throughout history.

Mary Quant Homage - The Treasure Hunt Company

Although the rain was persistent, the group were kept in high spirits by our team; dancing to Abba tunes at Piccadilly and giving it their best 'Knees up Mother Brown' renditions with our pearly queen in Soho Square.

"Clients are never quite sure what to expect when we hijack their normal work day, and on a Monday morning they can always look a little unsure at first - but our team have boundless enthusiasm that is sure to liven up any group, so everyone always returns to the office giggling mischievously with a new-found bond and plenty of hilarious photos to remember it all by!"

Kate Packham, Event Manager

If you think your team would benefit from an early-week energiser, or an afternoon adventure around your area, why not have a look at our award-winning treasure hunts, or call our lovely sales team on 0845 006 06 06 for some ideas.