Treasure Hunts in St Paul's - Spot the City #13

Well, Friday has come around again and here at The Treasure Hunt Company we have had a brilliant week running our team building treasure hunts in many locations in the UK. However, on Wednesday we asked you to guess where in London we had been - so how did you fare in this week's spot the city challenge?

Team Building Treasure Hunts at St Paul's, London

That's right - home to one of the most significant monuments in London, we were of course in the area of St Paul's! A beacon of hope and defiance during the second world war, it remains a reminder of our nation's unity during times of trouble - and a fantastic setting for one of our award-winning treasure hunt events. Rich with remarkable history and boasting some magnificent sights, we cannot recommend the area of St Paul's enough as the location for your corporate treasure hunt. Collect clues at the nearby Old Bailey and meet mysterious characters by the Millenium Bridge - a tour of London you'll never forget! We also have the inside info on the best venues in the area so we can help you organise every part of your team building day.

St Paul's Cathedral Treasure Hunt Location, London

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