The Apprentices Treasure Hunt!

Can you talk the talk? Give 110%? Are you a one trick pony or a thoroughbred stallion?

The Apprentices Themed Treasure Hunt Event

If so, you might be just the candidate we are looking for in our Apprentice-themed treasure hunt event!

Put your teams at the mercy of our very own billionaire tycoon, Sir Terrence Trumpalot, and see how they handle heated boardroom debates and high-pressure business challenges in this treasure hunt based on the hit TV show The Apprentice!

Once they have received their briefcases and created a brand, teams are sent on a hunt around your chosen location to barter with the locals, design a new product or even shoot a TV commercial - it all depends on what mood Sir Terrence is in, and woe betide any teams who keep him waiting!

The Apprentices Treasure Hunt Event

Kitting our guests out with some of the latest technologies and gadgets, and employing our 22 years expertise in team building treasure hunts, The Apprentices will be sure to have your teams begging and pleading in the final boardroom to not hear those fateful words - 'you're fired'!

Fancy taking on our Tycoon? Talk to our sales team to arrange a visit from Sir Terrence on 0845 006 06 06 or visit our website for more treasure hunt ideas.