Liverpool Treasure Hunts - Spot the City #17

So whilst our lovely Treasure Hunt team were out running our award-winning treasure hunt events, did any of you manage to guess which city they had been in from the picture clues last week? That's correct - it was Liverpool!

Corporate Treasure Hunts in Liverpool

Home to The Beatles and one of the UK’s most successful football teams, Liverpool has many things to boast about and plenty of intrigue to offer its visitors - making it a superb treasure hunt location. Hunt for clues whilst exploring the largest collection of museums and galleries outside of London and meet hilarious characters at The Docks - a treasure hunt in Liverpool is sure leave you smiling fondly.

Treasure Hunts in Liverpool

We think that Liverpool is the perfect place to catch up with Superman in our Superhero Adventure, or find the dying old professor with the last piece of the puzzle in our Da Vinci Trail. Either way, a treasure hunt in Liverpool is always fantastic fun so why not have a quick chat on 0845 006 06 06 to find out about our corporate treasure hunst in Merseyside, or have a look at our website for some inspiration.