The Original Taxi Treasure Hunt

London - Home to Her Majesty the Queen, Big Ben and the West End. The heart of the UK attracting millions of tourists every year. So many images are conjured up with a mere mention of the Big Smoke, but none more iconic and ubiquitous throughout London than the black cab. Even on a freezing cold January morning, our boys are ready to get involved!

Many of our London-based Clients host conferences that draw in colleagues from across the globe, so they are keen to choose an event that can showcase their home town. With The Original Taxi Treasure Hunt they can experience the 'real London' - going on a whirlwind tour of the city in the company of some genuine, born and bred Londoners.

The Original Taxi Treasure Hunt Cabs Await the Teams

Having worked for over 22 years with our loyal and loveable cabbies we know we can rely on them to have everyone giggling by the end of the day. Even the cabbies get involved in the fun; racing the teams around the tourist hot spots to find mystery characters and pick up bonus clues.

Some of the most endearing and charming chaps you'll ever meet, constantly telling rubbish jokes and talking in cockney rhyming slang - our cabbies are a firm favourite amongst our staff and are sure to win over any group. Sometimes I get the feeling that they probably enjoy the treasure hunts a little too much - they get even more competitive than the clients!

Kate, Event Manager

With a fleet of shiny black cabs ready to chauffeur your teams wherever their hearts' desire and a case full of exciting, cryptic and hilarious challenges to complete, it really is one of the best ways to experience a treasure hunt - and a pretty weather proof plan too!

Not based in London? No problem! Although our Taxi Treasure Hunt was born in London we can, and have, run this event in any town or city across the UK so just let us know your ideal location. We also have some great other modes of transport up our sleeves: a fleet of limousines, tandem bicycles or even rib speed boats - there really are no limits!

So if you are looking for a memorable Treasure Hunt that will be sure to entertain any team, have a look at The Original Taxi Treasure Hunt or have a chat with one of our friendly sales team on 0845 006 06 06.