Treasure Hunt in London - Sherlock Adventure in the West End

We were in London's West End last week for a Sherlock Adventure event. Teams are recruited by the great consulting detective himself to help stop Moriarty's latest dastardly scheme, all the while competing against each other for overall victory! Treasure Hunt in London - Sherlock Adventure in the West EndTaking in some of the West End's most iconic locations, including Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden, the Sherlock Adventure is a great way to get teams working and having fun together.

Here's what our client had to say about the day:

"This was such a fun event, got everyone working together as a team. The feedback from everyone was excellent. For us it was particularly good, as a large proportion of the team were from overseas, and for some was the first time in London. It was a wonderful opportunity for them to see some of the key sites in London, and soak up the city, whilst participating in the event."

If you'd like some more details about our Sherlock Adventure or team building treasure hunts in London then visit our main website or give our lovely team a call on 0845 006 0606.

Treasure Hunt in London - Team Adventure in Greenwich

Greenwich is a great spot for a treasure hunt, with so much to see across a relatively small area. We were there only last week running our Team Adventure, and the sun was out to meet us! Teajm Building Treasure Hunt in London - Team Adventure in GreenwichTeams compete in a series of challenges across some of the iconic areas in Greenwich, from the world famous Royal Observatory to the majestic Cutty Sark!

Here's what our client had to say:

Thank you for your enthusiasm and energy, it was a great afternoon and I've received lots of positive messages today. The treasure hunt encouraged lots of interaction and lots of laughter and there was something for everything so we had everyone participating. We certainly know one another more personally - objective achieved.

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Treasure Hunt in London - Monopoly in the West End

The weather has really been on our side in recent weeks, and that held true recently when we were in London's West End to run our Monopoly Treasure Hunt. Treasure hunt in London - Monopoly in the West EndTeams race from location to location competing to amass a property portfolio to rival their opponents, taking in many iconic sights along the way, from Leicester Square to Covent Garden, Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square!

The event finishes with a furious trading war between teams as attempts are made to consolidate portfolios and monopolise resources before the final winners are announced.

Here's what our client had to say:

"We had a very enjoyable afternoon – I've had lots of very positive feedback as to how well the event was run and how much everyone had a great time. Many thanks."

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Treasure Hunts in Bournemouth - iSpy

We were recently in the beautiful town of Bournemouth to run our award winning iSpy treasure hunt! iSpy is 21st century team building at its best, as teams use iPads with GPS mapping to navigate around the area, finding clues and answering questions instantly on their tablets. Teams are also kitted out with digital and video cameras to take photos and film scenes to earn points - which go on to make great souvenirs of the day!

High tech treasure hunt in Bournemouth with our award winning iSpy event

Teams meet a series of costumed characters who will give them further challenges and bonus scoring opportunities, and must work together well in order to win!

Here's what our client said about our team and the day:

"Slick, efficient, professional, friendly and easy to deal with.  I couldn't have asked for more! Well organised, well managed, fun and interesting, everyone fully engaged with the activity, and the team sought to find out a bit about us before hand which really helped them connect with our objectives."

Take a look at iSpy in more detail, or some more client testimonials, or simply give us a call on 0845 006 0606 to discuss how we can work with you to deliver a fantastic treasure hunt event!

Treasure Hunt in London - The Big Red Bus Hunt

We were in out and about in London recently for one the our most exciting treasure hunt events - The Big Red Bus Hunt! Teams compete in a treasure hunt in London, using Red Buses to navigate from location to location! This event is a real treat for teams as they are whisked from location to location in a traditional Routemaster Red London Bus!

It's all aboard as teams compete to solve puzzles and crack clues around some of the most iconic places in our nation's capital! This route took in Trafalgar Square, St Paul's Cathedral, London Bridge and Southbank.

This is what our client had to say:

The day brought together people who normally do not get a chance to work together and since then we have had people chatting who have not previously crossed paths because of the areas that they work in.

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Treasure Hunts in Windsor

Of the Top 25 Cities for Treasure Hunts, we would like to tell you about the glorious town of Windsor as it is one of our clients' favourite destinations. We know it's not technically a city as such, but as far as treasure hunt locations go, we think it's up there with the best! No matter how small or large your group is, The Treasure Hunt Company can plan you a corporate team building event that promises to bring fun, competition and interactive teamwork to the day. What's more you get to visit the main attractions the stunning town has to offer!


With the teams equipped with their iPad map, digital camera, special character meeting times and their instructions on how to score points, they head off on a route that will take them past the historic Windsor Castle, over the bridge, into the park and around the beautiful streets of the town. A Windsor treasure hunt is such fun, we've even run one for a Royal Princess's 21st birthday, and Eugenie and her friend's loved it!!

Treasure Hunts in Windsor

Event Manager Dave Hall said:

"Windsor is one of my personal favourite places to run a Treasure Hunt event as it's got a great balance of historic sights,  shops and culture, and the view of the river from the bridge is just stunning. Even though we've run many Windsor Treasure Hunts before, I spot something new and beautiful every time I visit!"

For more information on the different Treasure Hunts we can provide for you visit our website or call the friendly sales team on 0845 006 06 06.

Treasure Hunts in Birmingham

The Midlands is the easiest area in the UK for many big companies to get together for their  meetings, conferences and their workforce team building events, being pretty much slap bang in the middle of the country. The Treasure Hunt Company has dozens of requests each year for treasure hunts in Birmingham in particular, as the modern city has a lot to offer for events of all sizes. This is why it features in our Top 25 Cities for Treasure Hunts!


Teams can start off the day for meetings in one of the city's many fantastic hotels, like the Macdonald Burlington, the Malmaison, or the Radisson Blu Hotel, have lunch in the restaurant and then set off for some fun and fresh air for the afternoon for one of our Birmingham Treasure Hunts.

Birmingham is ideal for our iSpy Treasure Hunt, which uses a variety of technical gadgets and challenges the teams to make their own videos, take photographs, receive surprise bonus challenges through their walkie talkie radios, and collect as many clues as they can by the time they reach their final destination!

The route will take them exploring through the Mailbox and by the canals, around the bustling markets near the Bullring, through Centenary Square and to the spectacular Cathedral.

Treasure Hunts in Birmingham

Kye Harman, one of our Event Managers, said:

"I really like the feel of a Treasure Hunt in Birmingham as the tall buildings and big wide streets makes the teams feel like they have to search hard for their treasure!"

For more information on the full range of our events, including an iSpy Birmingham and City Explorer events, visit our website or call the fabulous sales team on 0845 006 06 06.

Treasure Hunts in York

The Treasure Hunt Company can not only provide a wide range of unique and fun team building treasure hunts for your corporate event, but can also design a bespoke event for any city you wish across the UK and Europe. One of the Top 25 Cities for Treasure Hunts is York, and a personal favourite of mine! treasure-hunt-york

Our very own Yorkshire lass - Senior Sales & Event Co-ordinator, Tessa, would be only too pleased to run through the delights of her beautiful home town and recommend the best places to visit during your treasure hunt event!

A Treasure Hunt in York will take you around such famous sights as the cobbled streets of the Shambles, the beautiful, medieval monuments such as York Minster, and the majestic York Castle's remaining Clifford's Tower. This really is a gem of a city, and is unsurprisingly a very popular treasure hunt destination.

After scouting the city for clues, teams must save enough energy to climb the stairs to meet one the bonus characters!

So for more information on Treasure Hunts in Yorkshire and other great cities in the North of England, please call our fabulous Yorkshire lass, Tessa, on 0845 006 06 06 or visit our website for some inspiration!

Treasure Hunts in Brighton

The Treasure Hunt Company provide fun, energetic and competitive corporate team building events for groups of all sizes, from an intimate group of 6 to departments of several hundred. We can tailor our treasure hunts to suit your business needs in the location of your choice! To help you choose your ultimate destination we are going to highlight some of the UK's best cities to run your event in our Top 25 Cities for Treasure Hunts series... starting with the wonderful seaside city of Brighton!


Teams are given their treasure hunting kit and set off on a scenic route that takes them through The Lanes, past The Royal Pavilion and a must see visit to the beach of course!

Can you find all the clues in and around The Royal Pavilion?

They must complete as many challenges as possible in order to win points, and what do points mean? Prizes! Will you be in the winning team?

Brighton is an absolutely fabulous destination for one of our Treasure Hunts as there's so many sights to see, and lots of quirky, weird and wonderful clues to find. Plus Brighton has more pubs and bars per square mile than anywhere else we know, so it's brilliant to end up in one of the best haunts for a well deserved drink at the end of the challenge!

There are a wide range of treasure hunts we can run for you from the most popular City Explorer to the high tech iSpy, so visit our website to have a look at the options, or call 0845 006 06 06 today!

The Original Taxi Treasure Hunt

London - Home to Her Majesty the Queen, Big Ben and the West End. The heart of the UK attracting millions of tourists every year. So many images are conjured up with a mere mention of the Big Smoke, but none more iconic and ubiquitous throughout London than the black cab. Even on a freezing cold January morning, our boys are ready to get involved!

Many of our London-based Clients host conferences that draw in colleagues from across the globe, so they are keen to choose an event that can showcase their home town. With The Original Taxi Treasure Hunt they can experience the 'real London' - going on a whirlwind tour of the city in the company of some genuine, born and bred Londoners.

The Original Taxi Treasure Hunt Cabs Await the Teams

Having worked for over 22 years with our loyal and loveable cabbies we know we can rely on them to have everyone giggling by the end of the day. Even the cabbies get involved in the fun; racing the teams around the tourist hot spots to find mystery characters and pick up bonus clues.

Some of the most endearing and charming chaps you'll ever meet, constantly telling rubbish jokes and talking in cockney rhyming slang - our cabbies are a firm favourite amongst our staff and are sure to win over any group. Sometimes I get the feeling that they probably enjoy the treasure hunts a little too much - they get even more competitive than the clients!

Kate, Event Manager

With a fleet of shiny black cabs ready to chauffeur your teams wherever their hearts' desire and a case full of exciting, cryptic and hilarious challenges to complete, it really is one of the best ways to experience a treasure hunt - and a pretty weather proof plan too!

Not based in London? No problem! Although our Taxi Treasure Hunt was born in London we can, and have, run this event in any town or city across the UK so just let us know your ideal location. We also have some great other modes of transport up our sleeves: a fleet of limousines, tandem bicycles or even rib speed boats - there really are no limits!

So if you are looking for a memorable Treasure Hunt that will be sure to entertain any team, have a look at The Original Taxi Treasure Hunt or have a chat with one of our friendly sales team on 0845 006 06 06.

Time Tracker Treasure Hunt

Time. If only we had more of it. If only there was a way to control how much time we had left to do all the things we needed to do. That would be great wouldn't it? Well. What a coincidence. Our Time Tracker event gives you just that - the power to change time (well, sort of!) Time Tracker Treasure Hunt Event

Using a bit of nifty technology and our treasure hunt expertise, our fantastic Time Tracker Treasure Hunt has teams earning not points, but time.

One of our most unique and challenging treasure hunts, the Time Tracker relies on a team's ability to make decisions and solve problems whilst under intense time pressure. It's brilliant observing how different individuals handle that kind of environment - always separates the men from the boys!

David Hall, Event Manager

The idea behind this unique treasure hunt is that clients have complete control over their own success; accepting challenges both physical and mental, maintaining a stealthy approach (so they don't give their answers away to the competing teams) and using electronic keys to check in and out at hidden checkpoints. These keys then communicate with our sophisticated, computerised scoring system meaning there really is no room for error (or cheating!).

Hoar Cross Hall Hotel, Staffordshire

Being a venue-based treasure hunt, location really is everything and we recently had the pleasure of utilising the grounds of the very beautiful Hoar Cross Hall Hotel, which is the perfect example of a host venue for a Time Tracker event.

A Paradise setting hidden away in 100 acres of glorious English countryside. The spacious grounds have lakes and wildlife in abundance, formal gardens and Italian Roof Terrace with water features, exotic plants, and beautiful flowers.

Hoar Cross Hall, main website

So if you think your group is quick enough to race against time itself, then why not give our lovely team a call on 0845 006 06 06 or have a look at our website for more details.

A Team Adventure in Amsterdam

The Treasure Hunt Company recently had the pleasure of leading some of our lovely clients around the beautiful, canal-lined city of Amsterdam on one of our award-winning Team Adventures - this is why we love our jobs! The Amsterdam American Hotel, Amsterdam

Passports? Check. Euros? Check. Comfy shoes and a waterproof? Always! A treasure hunt is a fabulous way to get out and about and see the sights of a city so it's a great excuse to travel to some amazing destinations - all whilst your group reap the benefits of our expertise in team building!

Once you have chosen your perfect destination, finding a venue can be left to us, as we offer a free venue finding service (yes, we really do take care of everything), just let our sales team know what you're looking for and they will source the perfect place to host your adventure.

Colourful Clog display in Amsterdam

Once armed with their personalised flight cases, containing iPads, digital cameras and tailored challenges, our Amsterdam Adventure led the teams through the wonderfully colourful Flower Market to solve puzzles and snap hilarious photos. The group then headed to Dam Square to meet one of our crazy, costumed characters waiting to offer bonus clues!

Treasure Hunt Character Location in Amsterdam

"We can write treasure hunts for any town or city depending on your needs, and it's an absolute pleasure to tailor our best-selling events to such amazing overseas cities like Amsterdam. The teams absolutely loved completing all the fun challenges as well as getting to see the sights - and so did we!"

Katrina, Event Manager

Magere Brug, Amsterdam

After the last character location at the Magere Brug, also known as the 'skinny bridge' the teams raced back to the hotel to have their cases marked and await the final scores. It was an absolutely wonderful day out... especially for the winning team!

For more information on our best-selling Treasure Hunts and ideas for events in your chosen location contact our friendly sales team on 0845 006 06 06 or visit our website.